Environmental Impact

Vantage is committed to protecting the environment. Environmental protection is a primary management responsibility, as well as, an individual responsibility of every employee.  

Vantage will never knowingly engage or condone any activity, which endangers the air, water, soil or natural resources of the planet in the same manner, Vantage will never knowingly provide products, which when used in the manner intended, would directly or indirectly cause harmful effects to human health or well-being.
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In these matters, Vantage is knowledgeable and agreeable in meeting or exceeding the environmental statutes and regulations in all countries in which we do business and/or in the states and countries in which our products are sold or consumed.
Additionally, Vantage will not participate in a business relationship with any entity that knowingly or blatantly engages in activities to the contrary of our policy.

Water Management – Farms utilize Drip irrigation system implemented to efficiently irrigate brushes and decrease water loss due to evaporation and run off. ​Our sustainable farming practices and agronomy expertise ensures minimal pesticide use, fertile soil, erosion prevention, a low carbon footprint and low greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Land, energy, waste management – We farm using sustainable practices to avoid land erosion and ensure soils remain fertile. Our farms have fallow land (untouched natural desert landscape) currently set aside for conservation. We continue to upgrade equipment and facilities to improve overall yield. We optimize use of crops by utilizing all parts of the seed, the remaining cake, after extraction, is used for soil amendment to fertilize soil or as compost.
People & Communities – We have a corporate commitment to meet or exceed the Social Accountability 8000 standards (SA8000) regarding: health & safety, child labor, forced labor, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation. ​We believe that investing in communities builds trust, goodwill and long-term success for all. We strive to be a responsible neighbor in the communities we operate in around the world.  
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