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Last Updated: January 17, 2020

Over the past year, some community members and elected officials have raised concerns about potential risks associated with Ethylene Oxide (EO).  Vantage takes this matter seriously, not only because we have been a longstanding corporate resident of Gurnee, but because many of us also call this community our home for ourselves and our families.
Our plant in Gurnee uses EO in a closed production process to make ingredients used in everyday products like household cleaners, cosmetics and shampoos. We have a proven, decades-long record of safe operations through safety and environmental measures that exceed federal, state and local government requirements.

During the last two years, we have further reduced our already low emissions, and using the best technology available today, we are continuing to work toward eliminating nearly all emissions. 
As of December 2019, Vantage is in full compliance with new limits and rules from a 2019 Illinois law, which was supported by many elected officials that represent Lake County, including State Sen. Melinda Bush, State Rep. Sam Yingling, State Rep. Rita Mayfield and others.
Vantage has real-time EO monitoring at the lowest detection levels possible. On Dec. 16, 2019, Vantage activated a new monitoring system that continuously checks EO emissions at the lowest detection levels achievable with current technology. This continuous monitoring system will instantly alert us to the slightest changes in emissions levels and allows us to take immediate action. Consistent with the new requirements and emission limits set by recent legislation, we cannot and will not operate if this system indicates elevated emissions. 

Continuing reduction efforts: With additional efforts underway, Vantage will continue investments to reduce emissions.

  • Virtually eliminated all stack emissions: Even before Illinois mandated new standards in 2019, Vantage had already invested in an additional scrubber. This new scrubber has been fully operational since May and has virtually eliminated stack emissions.
  • Dramatically reduced leaks through increased detection efforts:  Our Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Program has more frequent and sensitive monitoring to identify and eliminate potential sources of small leaks as EO moves through pipes, joints and components in the plant. This program was developed in discussion with and now required by permit by the IEPA.
Safety is a core value at Vantage.  The link below provides information how process safety is implemented at the Gurnee facility.
Click here to learn more about safety at Vantage
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